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Total hip replacement: pain 15 months post-op

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Afternoon! I’m 3 years from hip surgeries. I had first hip replacement July 2016 than 3 weeks later I had a total hip revision due to a dislocation of new hip. I have had pain ever since. Mine is from a nerve thats been either injured or damaged. It’s the femoral cutaneous nerve in the thigh. Causes extreme pain and sensitivity in upper and side of thigh. As well as numbness. I think too the it band is stretched. I was almost 2 inches short before replacement. Dr gave me my length back so I think all the stretching may be the problem. I’m seeing a pain mgmt dr. I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted a year ago. Has not done much for the sensitivity in the thigh. I’m now having issues with battery. Where they placed it is hurting me almost all the time now! This is second battery. My pain dr wanted me to go with different company. That implant was painful….getting in & out of bed hurt my head soo bad. I too have tried cbd oil and haven’t gotten any relief. My pain dr says no dr can help with this nerve as it is hard to trace where it might be compressed….sux! I’m taking gabapentin and on occasion Tramadol. Especially if I’m going to be out of house all day. Depressed cause this was NOT what I expected to happen!! Dealing with this pain on a daily basis is exhausting. I hope you find relief!! Going from pain to another is hard to deal with.

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I am sorry that I am not the only one going through this. I take percocet 5-325 and 800 mg ibprophen at the same time 3 times a day minimum…I refused to get any medtronic implants for pain, I had one spinal injection and it lasted 1 week. Like you, I did not sign up for this. Everyone I know with hip replacements are out doing walks, long runs, I sit in my recliner and watch the boob tube.