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Hi @mila. I too welcome you to Connect. As @JustinMcClanahan mentioned, I did have kyphoplasty after breaking a vertebra. It helped a lot for a couple of weeks and then I wrenched my back twisting to prevent a fall and I think I did something to it, it was not as good after that, but still better than what it had been. I have lost weight since then and there is a bump in my back where the broken vertebra was. I suspect that is because I displaced it. If I sit on a hard-backed chair it bothers me, but otherwise it does not. Prior to having it, I had an MRI (I think it was an MRI) to show the doctor exactly what he had to work with. The kyphoplasty was done by a radiologist. I live in southern NH and he is considered to be the expert in it.

I see no downside to having it, except it may not be covered by your insurance. If you are on Medicare I believe it is covered, but at that time I was on regular insurance and despite getting it pre-approved they then turned the claim down! I had to go through hoops to get them to pay, but they finally did.

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@contentandwell When I had my fracture they presented it to me but I turned it down at the time but with aqua therapy mine healed up but mine was a compressed fracture not a compound that may have made the difference . But now the xray showed another fracture so Dr. wants me to have a MRI . I'm not sure if this is the old fracture she was looking at or a new one .