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Undiagnosed...something is wrong.

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Aug 28, 2019 | Replies (10)

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@ryannelexisd, Good afternoon, welcome to Mayo Connect. I am just one of the folks who take their years as patients, caregivers, and community volunteers and try to help Connect members. We cannot diagnose or treat anyone.

With that said, what are we going to do with you my dear? You have three conditions that have been diagnosed and acknowledged with appropriate medications. There appears to be more pain and body annoyance that concerns you.

You said you feel like an old lady. I AM an old lady at 77. I can feel pain and anxiety every day. That is the new normal for me. And I know that with a chronic pain condition...today may be the best 77-year-old day I have.

Have you spoken with a therapist about your diagnosis concerns? Have you journaled or written down how episodes of stress and anxiety descend upon you? Is there a pattern?, a person?, an event? or a fear associated with the arrival of your apparent stress and resulting discomfort? If the medical practitioners are "blaming" your pain on depression, have they suggested some ways in which you can control and mitigate that depression?

And finally, what do you do for fun, what engages your curiosity? We are a caring group, we need to know a bit more about you to be helpful. May you be happy and content today. Chris

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I have not talked to a therapist...though I probably should. There doesn't really seem to be an easily identifiable cause of my stress. Journaling is a good idea tho. Exercise is the only suggestion they've made besides taking my medication.

I currently live a calm lifestyle. My main focus is my puppy. lol I love to pamper her. I also like to learn new crafting skills. Mostly things that don't require a huge amount of energy.