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Sharing the burden of hearing loss

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I have a friend in her late 50s who was being pressured to resign as IT librarian after 30 something years. She chose to retire rather than work in such an environment but was worried about her health benefits as she has MS along with her hearing difficulty. I told her she could apply for disability social security. She wanted to sell her house and car and move into an independent facility but did not want to deplete her savings waiting until she was of social security age. She hired a disability lawyer and , to my surprise, was approved for full time disability insurance because of her hearing, not her MS.

It took only 4 weeks for approval . These lawyers who specialize in this area really know their stuff. If you apply on your own the consensus is that you will be turned down the first time around.

Just putting this out there.

Regards from FL Mary

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Wow. It’s too late for me- shoots. Wish I had done the lawyer bit- I did at first with Silver and silver-they turned me down. Just remember that.i do hav leverage now-encourages me to retire at62.now they are putting me off duel coverage for Medicaid/Medicare. I filed an appeal.we will see

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