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Sharing the burden of hearing loss

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@thodson3 With all the talk about inclusion, discrimination, "other," and the whole PC mania, there is still plenty of discrimination out there. It just so happens that hearing loss does not belong in the current PC list. No wonder people do not want to be seen with hearing aids. The same person who would gladly hold the door for someone with crutches, would look awry at a person with hearing aids. Does this disability not come under the "Americans with disabilities act"?

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It certainly is covered. There is a summary of the ADA and other Acts on the HLAA homepage under Programs and Events: Know Your Rights. Also, each State should have an Office of Vocational Rehabilitation or something similar. It helps people with disabilities be able to gain or keep employment by helping them get the accommodations they need.

I was fortunate to not have worked in a toxic environment in my years at MetLife and at an Orthopedic practice although I came across my share of unthinkably rude and thoughtless people. This is an invisible disability and I fault the hearing aid manufacturers for advertising hearing aids as “so small no one will know you are wearing them.” This only increases the stigma of hearing loss. It’s no wonder people don’t know how to deal with someone like us. Some people are uncomfortable and I think it is up to us to make them more aware and show them how to speak to us. I do this right away when meeting new people.

I am glad I am retired and continue to be shocked at the hostile work environments some of you encounter on a daily basis and have to fight alone so often. I have succeeded only once in getting a hearing system installed in a local playhouse although they went ahead without asking for input from me. They installed a system not beneficial to me. I am in the process of trying to get one small library in my area to have a looped room. It’s a constant uphill struggle.

I would like to see the hearing aid manufacturers advertise the right way on national TV. I would like to see 60 Minutes and other programs do pieces on hearing loss. I saw a sign in a Walgreens that had a quiet counter section in the pharmacy pick up for people that had difficulty hearing. I would love to see those signs everywhere! I want these signs prominent so all will notice them. This would be an easy sell….not even asking for looping. I want billboards! I want commercials about hearing loss. I want the world to know how many of us are out here and how devastating hearing loss can be. I want awareness. It will come…slowly…but it will and we can’t be lazy and sit back and let other people do it. Kudos to Mayo Clinic and other hearing loss forums for providing us with the knowledge and experiences of others.

And finally….stop making all these assisted devices so out of reach financially for so many, including hearing aids. Now that’s a hard sell.

Regards from FL Mary

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