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Fear of recurrence

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Aug 11, 2019 | Replies (11)

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Fear of recurrences is a very real thing, I am part of a couple survivor groups and I would say almost all who admit it to themselves, fear it. Especially if the treatments were very hard. Some people run to the doc with each ache and pain, some people avoid the docs like the plague. Some try to outrun cancer by being the invinceable energizer bunny, and some just suffer in silence. Some like myself have tried all or most of these methods at one time or another. I now take an anti depressant, low dose Zoloft, and try to just enjoy every day I have. My husband has a mean bone cancer and now I just try to be grateful for each day. I will add that I still worry about each little thing but, I am more likely to go do something fun than run to the doc, I do however bring it up at my regular appt. I don’t really have advice but I hope somehow my story can help. It is always a big step to discontinue a treatment and or monitoring, because you are leaving behind a kind of safety blanket.

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Replies to "Fear of recurrences is a very real thing, I am part of a couple survivor groups..."

You have said it exactly right! I’m fearful of giving up safety blanket!
Trying to eliminate all stress from my life…
It’s a difficult journey as you well know. Thanks for reaching out on this. Helps to share.