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Is there any harm in trying to reduce numbers by changing my lifestyle? I was basically a couch potato and ate all day long. No wonder my A1C was 10.1!! Since I've changed everything the numbers have gone down. Losing the extra pounds should help too. Will have A1C checked again in early October. The doctor wanted to push Metformin as more of a weight loss drug than lowering my glucose levels. I also read that it takes over a month for it to work. Plus all the side effects. I'd really like to do this for a year before taking any medications. So far no adverse physical affects from the diabetes.

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@kateia There’s certainly no harm in adopting a healthier lifestyle, but you may need to also take medications initially. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes the doctor had me do insulin for a very limited amount of time – a month or two – and then I did take metformin for a while. With lifestyle changes I was able to only be on that for a short time too and just control by diet now.

Your numbers sound high to me and your doctor probably just wants to try to make sure that you don’t have negative effects. How are your bg numbers? Despite being diabetic myself, I’m not as knowledgeable about a lot of it as @retiredteacher is, she may have some good input. I do remember when after my transplant my numbers soared (close to 400!) due to taking a high dose of prednisone initially. I had to resume insulin until the prednisone dosage decreased. The endo made a comment that he didn’t want me having a stroke from such high numbers! I think he was serious!