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The endocrinologist wasn't very clear on the matter. I first went to her after having my cancerous thyroid removed and she decided the Synthroid medication with testing. That is stable now so she has nothing to treat there. She helped with the diabetes treatment when I said my doctor wasn't doing anything. Then she told me my number was below seven and she couldn't treat me and would send a letter to my doctor to replenish my prescriptions when needed. I see him on the 20th and we will discuss it. If I am very strict with my diet I can meet my personal goal of near 100 fasting. This summer I have slacked off due to not exercising with a broken shoulder. I am more active now and sticking with the veggies, meat, and a little fruit. I tried some coconut and canned beet juice and the numbers went up. I eat sweet onions every day because I like them and have a good crop. I must stay away from melons which are in season.
But I try to widen my diet to keep from being bored. I baked some brussels sprouts. I am eating cole slaw but stay away from bottled dressings. I suspect it is a new Medicare rule because they want to make cuts where possible. My last test was 6.8 but before that it was 6.4 and 6.3 so I want to work on it.
My son takes his Metformin at different times than I do and it is a different doctor. His numbers don't go down as he has a desk job. So I work on my goals and am happy that my eye test showed no damage from diabetes, no glaucoma, no macular degeneration. I am doing o.k.. I went shopping and walked a lot. I think the problem is different in different locales. Dorisena

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@dorisena It sounds as if you’re doing great, congratulations!

My bg numbers are higher than they used to be, I hope my A1c won’t be high when I see my endo in September.

Exercise of course helps a lot in controlling those numbers but I fell and have a small fracture of my upper femur that has kept me unable to exercise. I hope that hasn’t had too negative an effect on my numbers.