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Terrific! I am so happy to have a buddy to share notes with. It isn't so easy 13 years later, but then I am 13 years older as well and have been slowed down by back surgery. I quit losing weight after a while but managed to lose some this past spring when I fractured my shoulder. I couldn't cook much so I ate less and slept off the pain pills. It has taken me some time to learn which foods will spike the blood sugar and which ones I can get by with by eating only once.
My son's doctor has him eating two bananas a day and taking the Metformin at different times. My Endocrinologist can't see me anymore because I am below 7.0 on the AiC test and my thyroid medicine is stable, so I am on my own, because my family doctor says nothing to me. I have struggled this summer but having others who understand helps so much so I am no so isolated. I changed churches and that solved a social eating problem. Diabetes is a big job but I am happy that my eye test showed no damage from diabetes from the camera photo the doctor took. No glaucoma, no macular degeneration, and my mammogram was normal. My blood pressure is down but there is more work there to do. I worked a Sudoku puzzle with no cheating to look up the answers.
Life is good on the farm. Dorisena

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@dorisena Is not seeing your endo because your A1c is below 7 an insurance restriction or a restriction that the doctor has made? Mine has never been as high as 7, but I see an endocrinologist, a really great one.

Hey, I'm a farm wife too!! It would be really nice to have someone to help with answers to questions. Especially with all the "numbers". I've seen a dietician and will go back to her a couple of more times before the end of the year. The cost is all out of pocket due to a large deductible on insurance. I'm like you. I like to make things from scratch so it's very tough trying to figure out how many carbs are in what I make. Plus my husband eats what I do so have to cater to a working farmer as well. Other than baked goods and high starch veggies, I eat just about everything. Nothing packaged except nuts.