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katia, do you like to take walks?I How old are you? First of all congratulations of your good beginning! I did the counting of carbs and was very pleased with the good changes, including losing weight without much effort. I am sure your dietician mentioned balancing your meals with protein, veggies, and a little fruit. I try to only eat one or two slices of multigrain bread, the grittier, the better, or rye bread. I have a glass of milk at bedtime which makes me sleepy. I eat nuts when I want a snack. The only thing I miss is the ice cream but I want it to be homemade, so I don't do that very often. I get the shakes if my number goes much below 100 so I don't try to cut down to that point. I guess my body just doesn't like being "normal" or something. Everyone is different so we should be careful to work on goals that are right for each of us. You should be feeling great soon and that will inspire you to stay on course. I will suck on a spoonful of no sugar peanut butter if I am hungry at bedtime, as I learned that trick when I had low blood sugar. My son will not give up white potatoes so I am not going to plant any next year in my garden. They really can run the sugar count up. I don't miss them at all, however. Dorisena

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dorisena, I've done many changes. I've got 60 more pounds to lose. I'm 63 years old. Changes I've made. NO TV until evening. I walk 1 1/4 miles every morning. Plus work in my garden. I'm trying to eat around 30-35 carbs/meal. Have incorporated 100% whole wheat bread or 5 min oatmeal for grains. 2-3 meals/week. Lots of fruit and veggies. I have mixed nuts,no peanuts for a snack or fruit with cheese. Popcorn (2 cups) in the evening. I've increased my protein so I'm not munching in between meals. Not counting calories.Have cut them in half easily anyway. Have lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I've lost 20 pounds since January. I'm setting 10 pound goals. I'd like to get my fasting numbers around 110 and after meal numbers around 150. I feel I've done well for it being only 3 weeks.