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Diagnosed with Meningioma

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My step mom, age 81, who lives in central Kentucky, just had a frontal lobe meningioma removed at the University of Kentucky, although she is a Mayo RST patient and initially underwent gamma knife radiation there to supress its growth. That part was a success, but the resulting edema, and the need for steroids to control it, caused far more issues for her. So after a year post gamma knife and intolerable side effects from the edema, all on her care team agreed that the removal was really the best option. She is about 6 weeks post-op and seems to be doing very well. Tapering off of the steroids and getting her blood sugars back to normal. The edema/steroids were really scary – it effected her balance and her leg strength and thinking and she took many falls and hits to her head. We are lucky that the falling alone did not seriously injure her. It's my understanding that edema side effects are considered rare. Anyone else have any similar issues after gamma knife?

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I should add that her post-surgery protocol was about a week in the hospital, then transfer to a rehab facility for PT/OT for several weeks to make sure she was able to get around and be steady on her feel while doing it. She is now back living at home and traveling, so all appears to be going the right direction.

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