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Is it Diverticulitis or IBS?

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You do not need a colonoscopy for diagnosis of diverticulitis. Sometimes just a physical exam and other times a ct scan.

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How do people research doctors anyway? I do it by: Education, Hospital, word of mouth and online articles (such as ProPublica's Surgeon Scorecard). ProPublica is terrific. Provides thorough details on why and how they rate surgeons. The Scorecard is only for MEDICARE PATIENTS FOR about 6 COMMON SURGERIES (KNEE REPLACEMENT, GALLBLADDER, HIP, SPINE etc.). They use Medicare data based on sample size of 17,000 surgeries. This was excellent for my research on TKR. But the data is only for 2009-2013. I do wish they would perform their studies again.

Also when it is said Gallbladder surgery can be affected by prior abdominal surgeries – does that include vaginal child birth (probably not), Hysterectomy/Oopherectomy?, Abdominoplasty? I am interested in scar tissue or adhesions from these former procedures.

And when surgery reports say "No Complications" – what does that include? During gallbladder, if a small intestine is nicked or touched – is that a complication if nothing serious results? I guess we don't discuss ophthalmology in this forum but …. Following Cataract surgery on one eye, if pupil in new eye is a bit larger than the other eye, is that a complication? If the eye lid now has a very slight droop, is that a complication? If there is a tiny indentation (not quite a scar) by the brow where I assume a tool was used, is that one? Surgeons says no. I say yes. What does one do? Call in the FBI? or live with it if it is nominal (which means perfection seems not to be a goal)?
There are no simple answers, are there?

You need a colonoscopy for that diagnosis, it's the only way they can see it. Also, diverticulitis is not considered a "problem" in the sense that it is painful, or a GI problem. It is only when the little pouches get infected and become diverticulosis that it is a 'medical problem' they will do anything about.