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Chest Pain/Disconfort since May 2019

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Hi Chris, thanks for the reply and information!

To answer your questions, the only medicine I took was Naproxen for the muscle ache after my visit to the ER but I stopped taking it. The other medicine I take is Zantac for the GERD but also stopped talong ot after my symptoms got better.

Oh a detail I didnt mention is that one time my pulse monitor registered a irregular heartbeat, and whenever I take a deep breath my heart beat kinda speeds up and then slows again which I think is normal. Also, when sleeping and I turn around my heart pumps quite hard for a brief moment then calm down. Only thing I can think of that's causing my symptoms is anxiety but I'm not too sure.

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@loudimus, I note that your self-diagnosis is anxiety and you might have hit the nail on the head. When you add anxiety to the mix (and who wouldn't be) you get into a loop. The pain creates anxiety which creates more pain, etc. etc. etc.

After having a neurobehavioral work up for foggy brain and increased pain…..there was only one diagnosis…..anxiety. I started very slowly on duloxetine. What a relief. I worked up to 60 mg in the morning. Whew….I was actually bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And I have learned to throw off worries by staying in the present. Laundry….who cares? Grocery shopping…….not today!

Mindfulness is an excellent practice to ensure that you are present in the current moment. Remember that the past is over and the future hasn't begun. So….breathe and stay present. Have you had experience with mindfulness and meditation? Throw in some gentle yoga…and let it become your daily must-do plan.

I am hosting a river meditation walk next week for my sangha of 10 women who have been together for 4 years. We share, we learn, we support each other. Do you have loving-kindness friends? If I am having a particularly painful day….a couple of them will line up on either side of me for the walk. So holding friends close has been an amazing gift. Grab some joy…..today. Chris