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Chest Pain/Disconfort since May 2019

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@loudimus, Welcome Lou to Connect and our mentor and moderator team. We all work together and so you will have a chance to meet others in our group of helpful folks. We have no medical training. We have personal experience with a lot of medical issues and a desire to help everyone find solutions to their concerns.

First, I would like to say that when I read your post, I thought you were writing about my experiences. So first a couple of questions. Are you taking any medications for osteoporosis? At age 77 I am just going through that experience with very similar symptoms from the side effects. Were you prescribed any medications or treatments when you were in the ER?

It turned out the my esophagus was having spasms. And that event was after the frightening pain in my sternum and ribcage. For three years I have been a regular patient for Myofascial Release therapy MFR. For both of these events, my therapist was able to relieve all of those pretty scary symptoms. Here is a link to the MFR discussion. Let’s start there.
You will find lots of information.


Be safe and protected today. Chris

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Hi Chris, thanks for the reply and information!

To answer your questions, the only medicine I took was Naproxen for the muscle ache after my visit to the ER but I stopped taking it. The other medicine I take is Zantac for the GERD but also stopped talong ot after my symptoms got better.

Oh a detail I didnt mention is that one time my pulse monitor registered a irregular heartbeat, and whenever I take a deep breath my heart beat kinda speeds up and then slows again which I think is normal. Also, when sleeping and I turn around my heart pumps quite hard for a brief moment then calm down. Only thing I can think of that's causing my symptoms is anxiety but I'm not too sure.