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Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet

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I get it that you can't advise. Have you been dealing with this for a while? It just seems like I think about this stuff so much because your diet completely changes and I miss lying flat on my bed. Sliding down my mattress stinks. My kids worry because I have always been thin and now I don't know what to eat. I guess red meat digests slower or something. My first dr. had that as a no. I do take 20 mg of omeprazole twice per day. I know I loved pop but had not had it for a couple months before I treated myself when we went to Fl. over Christmas. Got a stomach ache so I guess my gut was not used to it anymore since I used to drink lots of pop and coffee too. Tons of spicy food and never knew. I would have never guessed I would have this. I only used antacids maybe once or twice a year. I try to ground myself sometimes when I get scared because I could have this and be undiagnosed. I Still confusing to have different opinions. My first dr. sent the letter for yearly endoscope but I may just continue with the university. I know oatmeal is supposed to be really good but I was kind of a sugar addict without diabetes. I know this as I had so many tests. Numerous CT scans and thankfully a colonoscopy as I did have precancerous polyps too.

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@maxsproudmom I’ve had BE since around 2012 I think.
My husband cut some boards and put them under the legs to raise the headboard of the bed, plus I usually use a wedge pillow under my regular pillow. I’m used to it now. I recently purchased a part down pillow that has made it much more comfortable. We stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn while visiting my daughter and I loved the pillow so much that I went to their online site and bought one. The price wasn’t as bad as many pillows that have down, I think it was around $55, and it has helped my sleep a lot, so very worth it.
Your history sounds a lot like my own but I was older than you when this all came to light – I was in my 60s. I’m surprised that you are taking two 20mg tabs a day, I only take one. That prescription is from a gastro? Mine started me on two a day for two months, always planning to reduce it to 20mg a day which he did.

@fourof5zs Good info. A food diary is probably good advice for anyone who has sporadic episodes of hoarseness or other symptoms. My hoarseness only occurs occasionally now but I generally have a record of what I have eaten because I track my food on MyFitnessPal.
I’m sorry to hear of all you have gone through with your “achalasia and esophageal spasms.. and diverticulosis”. I can’t imagine having a feeding tube for so long and that eating is still difficult. I hope over time that will improve.