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Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet

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I just started getting hoarse too but I do every August. Hoping just allergies since this happens every year at the same time. I get really nervous about food causing more damage. When you don't get heartburn it is hard to tell. The nurse where I was seen seemed frustrated when I asked questions regarding foods to eat. I was actually trying to gain weight before I was diagnosed now I don't know of foods that are safe to eat but also have calories. I worry because I was told to eat fruits and vegetables but all fruit except for melons and bananas seem to be acidic. Strangely, the only thing that made me feel like throwing up was watermelon. But fruits and vegis are supposed to help prevent cancer so I feel like I should be eating them but on the other hand I am worried about the acid. I sometimes cheat a little but sometimes I am so hungry I give up. I have not had pop except once at Christmas and no red meat Anyone know of some foods that have a higher calorie count. I do get vanilla cones from McDonald's a lot but I don't know what to eat except chicken,99 ff ground turkey and vegis and oatmeal. I use sugar on my oatmeal and grape nuts… is that bad? Occasionally, I have cappuccino. I know that is bad. Sorry, but I am so worried about this stuff. I am so afraid of this turning to the big C or even LGD that sometimes I have trouble thinking straight.

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@maxsproudmom I got worried early in the summer because I was very hoarse but I’m sure it was seasonal allergies because it did go away.
What you are feeling is totally normal. I think most fruit is ok, other than citrus, but I am no expert so I could be wrong. “Pop” is definitely acidic, and simply not good for you. Of course occasionally it won’t hurt. I have a Diet Pepsi a couple of times a year. No one told me that I shouldn’t eat red meat. We generally have it once a week. I believe oatmeal should be fine, and ice cream too, if you don’t have other issues like diabetes. A teaspoon of sugar sprinkled on your oatmeal should not be of ant harm I think, I don’t think sugar is acidic. Again, I could be wrong.
Have you seen a dietitian? Your doctor should refer you to one for at least one visit. They are generally very helpful and should know the answers to all of your questions. Get your doctor to refer you to one and make a list of questions that you need answered. As I said, I really cannot advise, I am just going on my own limited knowledge.
If there is some dispute about whether or not you have BE, it must be very mild at this point. Has a PPI, like omeprazole, been prescribed?
I admire your diligence in trying to do the right thing.

I have Berrett's E, achalasia and esophageal spasms.. and diverticulosis. I had to have a gastric bypass to fix a stubborn paresophageal (sliding) hiatal hernia. I had to have another surgery after a few months to fix the damage of the 1% chance of my esophagus shortening during surgery, The damage was a lot… gastric feeding tube for over a year. Eating food again was difficult. It still is

Most of the time the acid now comes up as mucus for me. My doctor said it is stomach mucosa. Still not good for the esophagus.

I still suggest a food diary.. even though you do not have much symptoms. If you notice mucus when you do not normally have allergies and “is the mucus coming up or down?” That one is a hard one for me to tell. I have year round allergies. Keeping them under control is important. The mucus from it can irritate the esophagus as you can tell with your hoarseness. Notate these things in a diary.. hoarseness (and if allergy or no allergy at time of it), swallowing difficulty, mucus, nausea, and vomiting and also any pains in esophagus or stomach.