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Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet

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Hi, @maxsproudmom and welcome to Connect. What led to your BE diagnosis? My only symptom was hoarseness. I think the restrictions vary depending on how severe your BE is.
I hope you are able to learn more about BE and contribute also. My endoscopy is in the beginning of September and I must admit, I too am a little worried about it. I will post after I discuss it with my endo which won’t be until September 30.

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I was worried because I had lost some weight so I was doing a bunch of testing. I brought up having an endoscope because I was having quite a bit of nausea but I was also eating like 3500 calories a day to try to gain weight. Not good for acid reflux which I did not know I have. I have had throat clearing issues for years and I still do have throat clearing issues but no more nausea except I had to throw up after watermelon for some reason. I know I have short segment BE and there is no dysplasia but I have read so many different things regarding BE that I get confused. I got a second opinion last year at our university and he says he could not see BE but in my city the first endo took biopsies and confirmed it. Slides were sent to the University and he did confirm with the university pathologist that there was BE but he still questions if I do or don't have it. He said it should be viewable as well by the endo and he did not see it. I don't know if he thinks the biopsy was taken from the wrong area or what

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