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Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet

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I am new to this discussion. Actually, I have never posted on any site BUT I was diagnosed with BE last November and I have been so scared. I got my letter in the mail to schedule my follow up (1 year) endoscope and it triggered me to go online again and read so I decided maybe I could get a little relief by joining this group. I can relate to not having warning signs of heartburn.

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Hi, @maxsproudmom and welcome to Connect. What led to your BE diagnosis? My only symptom was hoarseness. I think the restrictions vary depending on how severe your BE is.
I hope you are able to learn more about BE and contribute also. My endoscopy is in the beginning of September and I must admit, I too am a little worried about it. I will post after I discuss it with my endo which won’t be until September 30.

Hi @maxsproudmom! I am sorry that I wasn't able to reply sooner, but things have been busy over here! Anyhow, I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety over BE; you did the right thing in trying to connect with others like ourselves, so that hopefully together we can help one another in different little ways. Plus, it's so important that you not feel like you are alone in this because you are not. I shared before that my BE is not really a problem for me ever since I started the IC Diet (you can find it if you Google ICN Food List) off of the IC Network. It's basically a Low/No Acid diet with 3 different categories of food that say "Foods to Avoid", "Foods that are Worth Trying" and "Foods that Are Friendly". Because of the extreme restrictions, especially in regards to fruits, I am also taking a special Low Acid Multivitamin that I also purchase from the IC Network. This diet restriction alone, I believe, has knocked out most (if not all) of my acid issues with BE. I also have been diagnosed with IBS (both C and D), so I am also on the Low FODMAP diet. You were asking before about safe foods with carbs – I don't know if you have other health issues or not, but I pretty much live off of Mrs Baird's White bread toast in the mornings with a little bit of Land o Lakes tub butter With Canola Oil, and sometimes sprinkle Organic Cinnamon on it, and maybe a pinch of Swerve (a healthier sugar replacement that's also safe for my IBS). Then I sometimes have a sandwich with a bit of mayo, Deli Ham that does not contain HFS and is Gluten Free, and one slice of White American Cheese (also fresh from the deli) with either 2 cups of popcorn (Homemade, or Oville Redenbaucher's Natural Lightly Salted, No butter), or a small amount of plain potato chips or corn chips, and then for dinner I have a baked potato with a few safe cooked veggies, or I'll have fish and homemade rice, or chicken and homemade rice. For dessert I have 2 small squares of dark chocolate. I do this just about every day. So, pretty much everything I eat is carbs. My dr wanted me to either gain weight too or not lose anymore. I weighed 92 pounds, but now weigh 95. Also, you mentioned watermelon making you throw up; I wonder if it has anything to do with the high amount of fructose that it contains? But, if so, maybe your body cannot process/digest high amounts of fructose – I don't know. And, one last thing I was going to mention to you about the acid, is you can always try the 28-day book that I mentioned earlier in this thread to @riflemanz64. I know the hoarseness can definitely be caused by BE, however, I think maybe it was you that also mentioned the possibility of allergies. Also, that can be thyroid related as well; have you had your thyroid checked? Sorry, I know this was a lot; maybe more than you cared to know, but I hope it can be helpful even if in a very small way.

I'm in a similar position. I was diagnosed last March and have been trying to modify my diet ever since, since that seems to be the only proactive thing we can do, along with taking the meds prescribed for us. All suggestions are welcome.

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