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Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet

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@graceandpeace The bad part about nothing appearing to bother me is that maybe it is actually causing a negative effect on my esophagus. Frankly I have not adhered to low-acid as well I should. I would love to get off omeprazole though.

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I understand your concern. My mom was able to get off of the Omeprazole after she changed her diet, but then had to go back on it when she started eating problematic foods again. That book I mentioned has really helped her, though, one, just bc it's very informative and educational, and second, bc of the 28-day elimination plan it puts you on. And, she's not on omeprazole or anything else now. So, I think the book speaks for itself. Maybe you can just get the book, since it's not that expensive, to at least skim through it, and then take it from there. As I'm sure you already know, since prolonged acid can go undetected sometimes and cause damage and cancer to the esophagus, it might be worth the time to look into it. But, either way you decide to go for now, I wish you well, and will be praying for good results on your upcoming Endo!

I am new to this discussion. Actually, I have never posted on any site BUT I was diagnosed with BE last November and I have been so scared. I got my letter in the mail to schedule my follow up (1 year) endoscope and it triggered me to go online again and read so I decided maybe I could get a little relief by joining this group. I can relate to not having warning signs of heartburn.

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