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Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet

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@graceandpeace I think I’m a real anomaly. My BE never seems bothered by any food, the only sign of it that I have ever had is hoarseness! That was the first indication. The omeprazole has kept that in check for a long time and my endoscopes have been good but I am getting a little hoarse recently so I am a bit anxious for my endoscopy scheduled in September.

If my endoscopy indicates I need to be more cautious, I will buy that book. Thanks for the info.

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@contentandwell I am so glad to hear that about your BE! Mine hardly bother's me anymore as well, but that's just bc I've been on 2 restrictive diets for so long for the IC and IBS that I don't have problems anymore with it, for the most part. Not only has a lot less food and food portioning helped, but just being off of almost all acidic food/drink/ingredients hav been the most helpful. I was never able to stay on the Omeprazole for more than a few days bc it aggrivated my IBS-C . It did help my mom at the beginning of her's, but eventually it started coming back to where her GI was talking about surgery. So, like I had mentioned to @riflemanz64 , I bought her this book, and, so far, it's done wonders for her!

I just started getting hoarse too but I do every August. Hoping just allergies since this happens every year at the same time. I get really nervous about food causing more damage. When you don't get heartburn it is hard to tell. The nurse where I was seen seemed frustrated when I asked questions regarding foods to eat. I was actually trying to gain weight before I was diagnosed now I don't know of foods that are safe to eat but also have calories. I worry because I was told to eat fruits and vegetables but all fruit except for melons and bananas seem to be acidic. Strangely, the only thing that made me feel like throwing up was watermelon. But fruits and vegis are supposed to help prevent cancer so I feel like I should be eating them but on the other hand I am worried about the acid. I sometimes cheat a little but sometimes I am so hungry I give up. I have not had pop except once at Christmas and no red meat Anyone know of some foods that have a higher calorie count. I do get vanilla cones from McDonald's a lot but I don't know what to eat except chicken,99 ff ground turkey and vegis and oatmeal. I use sugar on my oatmeal and grape nuts... is that bad? Occasionally, I have cappuccino. I know that is bad. Sorry, but I am so worried about this stuff. I am so afraid of this turning to the big C or even LGD that sometimes I have trouble thinking straight.

I also was diagnosed with BE but had no symptoms. Wondering if the BE could have been caused by bile reflux rather than acid reflux since I had my gall bladder removed years ago? Did your Dr. say anything about bile being a potential source of the problem?

my doctor put me on pantrozapole......have you been on this

I have no issues mine is silent. Not sure what to do?