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Probable NPH...new & frightening frontier

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John, yes, I am new, and a week ago I'd never heard of NPH. However, every waking hour since has been consumed by online searches & YouTube viewing. I have been assured I'll see a Neurologist soon. If that does not happen, I will request a consultation with Mayo in Jacksonville.

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in my journey with acqueduct stenosis and enlarged ventricles written on my charts… I came across the Hydrocephalus Association. There really aren't too many doctors that do that condition actually. I looked on the Hydrocephalus Association website and realized I had spoken to a few doctors not on this list. Just a friendly suggestion is to check with the association and see if you are seeing somebody registered with them. There are few places that treat adults is what I found, doctors listed only treat children born with hydro. This was a few years ago. I'd suggest initiating the request for the Mayo appointment, it may take 4-6 weeks to get in.

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