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Roux-en-Y surgery complications

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With the gas....did you notice more cramping afterwards as compared to before?

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Not severe cramping... except when I eat something I shouldn't, but more cramping. I cannot eat raw fruits ( except ripe bananas) or veggies.. all have to be cooked to almost mush and meat has to be tender. When I eat broccoli or brussel sprouts I have more cramps. Also if onion and garlic are cooked into a soup, stew or veggie it will cause me stomach cramp. High fiber also causes stomach cramps.

Even though I was on feeding tube I could eat foods. I had to do blenderized first... pretty much soupy baby food. Then progress to more solid foods.

Easing into food should help keep cramps to a minimum. Did they give you guidelines to follow? If you are experiencing a lot of pain with the cramps you need to contact your surgeon. It could be a sign of blockage.

A couple of days after I got out of the hospital the last time 2015 I had to go back in. I was dry heaving... and on the feeding tube. I disconnected and went too Mayo ER... they stabilized me and I went back to our travel trailer (I had to stay in area after surgery and we stayed in an rv park) and a few hours later I was back again and they did a ct scan and it showed some edema.. swelling at some junction (my memory failing again). 5 days of steroids and a tube in my nose and still no relief. So they dilated my esophagus.. still no help.. then another dilation and I was okay and could finally go home and be out of area.

Hopefully you do not have a complication, but check with your surgeon to make sure.