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Roux-en-Y surgery complications

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@bborth I don't want you to think no one is listening.

I had Roux En Y surgery laparoscopically in 2014 at the Mayo in Jacksonville. I had complications... nothing to do with my surgery team. Just my body 😁 Because of these complications my answer may not fit you.

I had another surgery to repair everything in May of 2015. It was a lot of repair.. open with cut from middle front to up to my shoulder in back. A cracked rib, a cut rib and lots of muscle cut... and much more. Yes, still in pain from it. . I was told I would have a gassy stomach and not to bother with over the counter meds like gas x and tums... they would not do anything to help. I was so doped up on dilaudid and phenagran that I don't remember the why of the gas. Since I have esophagus problems.. it shortened during 2014 surgery and they lengthened it in 2015... I assumed it was to do with my swallowing problem (achalasia).

I was given a booklet about the surgery afterwards in 2014. It has the do and do nots and what complications could happen down the road. I cannot find it now. I have been looking for a couple of weeks. My aging brain forgets where I put it or perhaps my husband put it somewhere.

I hope you heal well.


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With the gas....did you notice more cramping afterwards as compared to before?