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Hip replacement worries - analysis paralysis

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Hi, @debbraw Thanks for responding. Yes, I can walk but need cane because one leg is shorter because of the collapsed and fusing joint. If I try without it, I wobble badly and leg has little ROM to let me catch myself if I start to fall. When the weather cooperates, I go about a half mile sometimes using one cane, sometimes two. I do about 15 minutes of floor exercises — and then straight-leg-it-to-get-up using my arms on couch like doing a push-up. My hip does not hurt — just my back and knee — which, I'm told, is fine and not causing the pain. I can go use stairs but need a handrail and cane. Can't lift leg up much higher than a stair. Some days worse than others and get more bent over leaning on cane. Had been taking only one ibuprofen a day for more than a year and then found it was affecting my kidneys. Now take nothing but Tylenol once in a while. Just worried that stuck joint will make for complicated surgery and I will end up worse than I am. But as I am now, I feel more like 88 than 68. Tried PT a few times after last docs said they wouldn't operate. But PTs say I can't exercise properly without getting the hip replaced – Catch 22.

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@mamie You mention that the surgery would be complicated but then that the doctors said they would not operate. I hope you can find a really good doctor who is confident and can do it and relieve you of your pain and inability to do many things. It does seem as if hip replacements are less troublesome than knee replacements on people with normal hip problems so hopefully it would work well for you too.

You really do have a dilemma with PT.