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Hello Chris, @artscaping, and thanks for sharing with @aliali the benefits of assertiveness training. I'm glad that it helped you and that you were able to teach it to your clients as well. I remember how much it helped me. It changed me from a mousy person who was overly concerned about what others thought of me to one who was able to stand up for myself.

Just wondering, how is your granddaughter doing now? I hope she has recovered from some of the emotional abuse she experienced. That sure is a tough way to grow up.

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Hi @hopeful33250, I so appreciate your support also. If there ever was a time for me to self-disclose it must be now.

Unfortunately, after ending Jr. High as a student of the year, being accepted to the School of Performing Arts, and serving as a liaison for OCD to the county-wide mental health staff of the school district, she wanted to heal the world and thought she could.

She moved in with a fellow who has a multiphasic personality disorder and is also manic depressive. His manic times are threatening. In order to be his caregiver, she dropped out of college, gave up her fabulous part-time job at the college helping students with disabilities, and sank down to the point where the intrusive thoughts of OCD control her life.

There, I have said it……..and now my thoughts return to you and others who may be in need of help to be emotionally self-supporting.
Have a lovely and sunny day. Chris

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