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Constant burning throat and nausea

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That's okay! The burning throat and nausea started about 4 years ago, but I have had acid reflux and GI issues since birth. My symptoms have been getting progressively worse for about 2 years now. Yes, I had an endoscopy last year. It showed gastritis and esophagitis, but I was negative for H-Pylori. They said a colonoscopy wasn't needed since most of my symptoms are in my stomach.
I try to eat about 5-6 small meals a day, but lately my stomach hurts and feels so bad that I can't eat anything or very little. It's really getting frustrating. I am hoping to go to the Mayo Clinic sometime this winter…

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I have had stomach problems since birth it seems. 😉 Really true.

I had burning so bad when I was in my 20s. My husband was in the Army and it was a crap shoot if you got a good doctor. The doctor prescribed Mylanta.. yeah it was once a prescription drug as was Maalox. The bottles they had were 8 ozs. He told me every time I had the burning sensation to take a swig of the Mylanta.. no measuring just drink out of the bottle. I think I drank about a bottle a day the first week. I did that for about three weeks with cutting doen on the Mylanta after that first week. I ate a bland diet too and got over the burning until the next flare. So that is what I have done when the burning has been bad over the last 40 years or so.

They recommended sleeping with my head raised.. but then that makes my back hurt. I still had the bile coming up into my throat on those times I raised the head of the bed. So I don't do it, but many get relief from it.

I had a Nissen wrap done at one time to prevent the acid. It failed.. repair failed. Undo of Nissen and repair of sliding hernia.. failed. Then I had a gastric bypass in 2014 to repair hernia.. hernia is still repaired. I just get mucus coming up and not the bile. It doesn't burn… but probably is doing damage. I cannot eat much at a time so I eat every two or three hours during the day. Nowadays I have more of a swallowing problems than an acid problem. .. achalasia, Barretts and muscle spasms.

Try your best to get the acid under control. They gastro doctors at the Mayo in Jacksonville are excellent and so are their surgeons.