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Left chest lower rib cage pain moving upwards

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Hi @ak999, sorry about your experience — I am 27 and am having/had a similar experience (minus the lesion). I can only speak to my circumstances, but I have been dealing with abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and some other symptoms since November (started complaining in January). I went on omeprozol and then pantoprazol and nothing helped. I stopped drinking coffee and highly acidic foods, again to no avail. No alcohol since January. I had endocscopy, esophageal manotremy, a barium swallow test and a PH test and the Gastorenterologist in my home city told me that this was all in my head and to stop focusing on myself.

HOWEVER, I was fortunate to see a doctor at Mayo last month, and she sent me for some tests that showed I have a problem with my pelvic floor muscles where the anal sphincter is not relaxing when it should, causing fecal matter to build up in my lower abdomen. She believes this may be causing my abdominal pain even though my pain was/is up behind my ribs. To help resolve the issue she told me to take miralax daily and to participate in physical therapy geared towards my particular evacuation disorder. It took some time for me to get in with my local pelvic floor PT program, so I just had my first session this week. I am optimistic that the program will help. Additionally, I have found that the miralax has helped a little and that my abdominal pain is already reduced. Not sure if you experience constipation, but if so it may be something to look into. This was something that my local doctors (many, many doctors) had never mentioned to me so I wonder if it could be the case for you as well.

Finally, over the past two months I have also been doing acupuncture and it has helped a lot with pain management so it may be worth considering for you.
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Hi @julianned thanks for your reply. Great to hear that you're doing better now. Even I have done the same in terms of food no coffee, hardly drinking any alcohol, no acidic food but nothing seemed to be helpful. When I was taking desipramine I had constipation (probably this is a side effect of the med) so was taking Purelex for 2 months to get relief from the constipation and it helped with the constipatio but not with the pain. Now, I stopped taking desipramine and so the Purelex too. I also asked my primcary care doctor to send me over to cradiologist for a second opinion but he is reluctant to send me over because he is sure that my heart is good and it's coming from the stomach and asked me to wait until the gastro work is totally complete. Not sure how many more months it will take to complete. Right now, I am waiting for my biopsy results from my last EUS procedure and see it from there.