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Water at freshwater lake

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Oct 8, 2019 | Replies (48)

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I started the Arikayce July 23. The training from the nurse and support from the pharmacy was great. I took it for 7 days. During that time I too coughed up the gunk after treatment and coughed more than I had before treatment. The third day i began with hoarseness and then completely lost my voice. My pulmonary dr wanted me to try to continue but after 7 days he decided I needed to stop. I have been off the Arikayce now for 4 days. Not coughing as much but still have no voice at all. As I understand it about half of the people in the trials had the voice problem so I was not surprised. Just hoping it is temporary. I do not think at this point thqt my Dr will put me back on it. He is trying to get me an appointment with a MAC specialist. I do feel that if I could have continued the treatment it would have helped. Just need to decide if I can live without talking….HA

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Sandykayhud. Thanks for sharing your experience. Does your doc think that you can try again or has he taken you off for good?

@sandykayhud Hi. Have you asked your dr about substituting the Arikayce with Colistin or Tobramycin?

I just started arikayce last week. My trainer recommended swallows of water a few times during the treatment. Also one of her patients uses throat coat and has found it to be a help as far as preventing raspy throat.

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