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Asthma, COPD, CVID and MAC

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@merprep I saw him for 1 consult last year. He told me it doesn't necessarily progress, more than normal aging, with some people,and it wasn't progressing much with me, and if it does there is nothing he can do except palliative care. .Beyond pain meds or tranquilizers I wouldn't be a good candidate for what they offer. I'm only seeing him in anticipation of future infections. He may be better than a GP in that context. Unfortunately I have a very bad attitude with pulmonology and COPD. From my flawed perspective, I only see them making us better cripples. I hope I don't offend anyone and I'd love to hear someone who disagrees give me good reasons to alter my opinion.

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@jo54 @merprep Thanks, I hope I wasn't too judgemental., I know I can't change the course of "the disease" but it's important that I choose my response to its effects. I want to appear healthy and active and not let the disease dictate my activity levels. Even if it's more appearance than reality, when I'm in the gym or on the track (especially the former) people see me as normal, healthy and I feel closer to that image. More importantly, I feel like I'm not passively taking the beating from the disease. Each day I run. and lift, and practice yoga, and I know I have the disease yet, it doesn't define me-I didn't empower it. And who knows, if I maintain this level of fitness maybe something medically will come around and I'll be in the best position to utilize it.