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Asthma, COPD, CVID and MAC

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@merprep @jo54 you are right I'm not dying soon, or at least I don't have cancer. As the infection cleared up, they found a small mass. It is a non cancerous nodule.
As expected, I was referred to a pulmonologist because of the lung infections, and as my GP put it just for better information on my COPD its consequences.
I'm relieved that I don't have cancer, and I feel better now that the infection is gone. I don't see what good a pulmonologist will do. I think my GP just got scared and needed to unload my unsolvable lung issues to a specialist.
Thank you for your help and kindness.

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Joelars. Wonderful news. I have a nodule on my right lung. Been there for at least ten years. They watch it every year and it never changes. I forget about it. It’s normal for a GP to refer but I have had a problem finding a good one. Stay strong. Keep running and eat right. You have many years to enjoy. God bless.