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Asthma, COPD, CVID and MAC

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@merprep I told him I want to see him asap. He booked me for tomorrow morning.
I can't know for sure what is wrong but I can be assured it is bad. If it wasn't, he would have told me over the phone. Instead he insisted on me coming in to discuss "future plans". I don't understand how he can say it isn't "urgent" and I can come in anytime within 4 weeks.
I wish I never went for the testing. I don't suppose it would make a difference in the end but at least I would have felt better until the disease was more advanced. I was feeling alright until his text to come in. Now, I feel sick and I don't believe I'll gain any advantage from this earlier diagnosis. For me, it is better to refuse testing, until the illness is undeniable then go into an emergency room to get the formal diagnosis, allowing me to check into hospice, and hopefully I wouldn't have to spend much time there.
Any ideas on how to spend this end of life period productively?

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Joelars you will do it as the rest of of us do. One day at a time. If your doctor said four weeks don’t think you’re in hospice tomorrow. Give yourself a break. Be thankful you have a doctor who wants to work with you. You have many prayers in your direction. Let us know what is happening after doctor. We care.

@joelars – Let me know what he says. If you just did the best runs that you've done in a while then I don't think that your time being greeted at the "Pearly Gates" will be anytime soon. I don't know how to help you stop your dooms day thinking. I wish that I could because you will eventually make yourself ill.