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Hi Trixie – and thank you for replying so quickly. I was assigned a physical therapist who specializes in men and women who have had lymph nodes removed. She provided me with some good guidance and exercises specifically for the arm. I was pretty good doing the exercises and the discomfort was not that bad; however, right around Oct 1 it started to get worse-sharp pains. I met with the doctor on October 10th and she said that it was due to scar tissue healing and the impact on the radiation (6 weeks). At the present time it is at a pain level ranging from 3-6 and it is 24/7. I contacted the doctor on November 12th and she prescribed me 100 mg of Gabapentin 2 capsules three times a day. I have taken these and nothing happens. It is extremely difficult to sleep at night; however, I do take about an hour nap in the afternoon due to being so tired from not sleeping the night before. Not sure what a "sell spot" is – but I will look into it. Thanks again Trixie.

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Not sure how it works for men, but the below site gives you examples of the different swell spots available which help break up lymph flow plus helps to soften up ridges caused by radiation. Gabapentin may help with the pain, but then your problem would still continue. I would ask your physical therapist for more help along those lines. For myself, because I wound up with two surgeries and 30 treatments of radiation in three areas due to the two different areas of cancer in my breast as well as the lymph node eroding into the lymphatics, I could not sleep comfortable in my bed for about 9 months or more and so slept in my LaZyBoy recliner. It was explained to me by my surgeon that some of the sharp pains were from nerves regrowing – they have mostly gone away for me.
(for examples of swell spots: https://lymphedemastore.com/swell-spot-breast/).

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