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Hello. I just recently joined Mayo Clinic Connect and have been looking for some sort of connection with anyone having lymph nodes removed. Unlike Robbie, I had no breast cancer – lymph node cancer only. I had squamous cell carcinoma in my lymph nodes in the right arm pit. The doctor (Breast Doctor) had to remove all of the nodes. This was in April. Since this time I have been slowly looking for some sort of support group – men/women whomever. Obviously, like Robbie, the support for specifically males appear to be non-existent. That said, I do not care about the gender – just looking for "folks" who have had lymph nodes removed and their experience with it. Right now I am experiencing greater deal of pain since the first of October then what I have had in the past. My doctor (I saw her on Oct 10th) said that it was due to scar's healing and the impact of the 6 weeks of radiation. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I had invasive breast cancer (3/7 nodes cancerous with one eroding into the lymphatic system) and a second lesion was neuroendocrine ca. My suggestion would be for your doctor to refer you to a physical therapist that specializes in lymphatic massage to help alleviate the pain and any symptoms you may experience with axillary web (cording). What especially helped me has also been wearing a "swell spot," but this is something the physical therapist can discuss with you. All the best to you.

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