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I am just now starting my journey with male breast cancer. Cannot find any support groups for men, just the ladies – no offense to the ladies. Just want to talk with someone about their experience and what to possibly expect. I am scheduled for surgery on Monday, January 6th for breast and lymph node removal but oncologist is suggesting that I do chemo first then the surgery. Extremely overwhelmed and confused. not feeling well either.

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Dear Robbie. Although I'm a woman, I can sympathize and identify with how overwhelming a breast cancer diagnosis, and its subsequent treatment can be. While you wait to find a support group here, you may be interested in an excellent overview of male breast cancer from the American Cancer Society at https://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer-in-men/treating/chemotherapy.html. Best of luck to you on this journey.

Hi @robbiemilammusicman, I'd like to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to an existing discussion about male breast cancer. I did this so that you can connect with @racing212 and @wolfbauer.

Robbie, you're so right that the land of breast cancer is usually dominated by women talking about breast cancer. Men get breast cancer too. You are most welcome here and will definitely learn from and with others who have breast cancer. While there are differences in the journey with male breast cancer, there are also similarities.

You mention that you are overwhelmed -that's understandable – and confused. Please ask questions. We might be able to help diffuse the confusion. What symptoms are making you not feel well. Are you still scheduled for surgery on Monday or have you decided to do chemo first to shrink the tumor?

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