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Medical marijuana for neuropathy

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I am 86 years old. I had a stroke a year ago May. Was doing great until last October when pain began. Drs. don't want to give anything for pain , just do testing and sending on to another doctor, who starts the whole procedure again. I have been placed on Neurontin, Lyrica and nothing else, which have not helped.. Have also been told to take Tylenol, which is like eating M&M's. I would like to hear from those on marijuana for same type of pain,.

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Hello @hertz, I would like to add my welcome along with @lisalucier and other members. I also think it would be beneficial if you are able to share your diagnosis and what type of pain you are experiencing. The will help other members relate to your condition better and share their similar health experience and treatments. There is another discussion which you may want to read and see if it might be helpful for you.

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Mayo Clinic has some consumer health information on Medical Marijuana here: