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BrendaKaye, I had spine fusion as well in five vertebrae and found that most of my pain came from constipation which I learned to handle without pills. Once that was under control, the pain level was much better, and some doctors don't realize this problem. I ate less than offered due to controlling the diabetes and lost weight which was o.k. in the long run. The pain medication raises the blood sugar, so my doctor knew it would be temporary but it did not rise to the level of needing insulin. It just takes a long while to recover from spine surgery when you have diabetes, in my case almost three years. I have not yet regained all my strength but I can exercise now if I am motivated. Actually, I must guide myself in this journey because if my AIC is below 7 I am not eligible to be treated by an Endocrinologist and my doctor doesn't show much concern. I am thankful to have the people on this web be on my team to encourage me. Dorisena

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Thank you for your insight. I’m hoping once I get home, I’ll be better equipped to get it under control. Docs don’t seem that concerned but when it’s your body, you new to be proactive. Good luck with the exercise. I’m walking with a cane or walker, but every bit helps. Good luck

Well my a1c has been under 7, so guess I may not qualify to see an endocrinologist. Heavens, after all this I dare to even wonder what it will be. Sounds like you are being proactive. It sure helps having this group continuing down this path together.

@brendakaye, @dorisena Good morning to you both. I was reading posts to catch up and am curious about the comment Dorisena made that if you A1C is below 7 you are not eligible to be treated by an endocrinologist. I have never heard that before. I was told by my PCP and the endocrinologist that there are different measures for the two organizations. The American Diabetes Assn. says 7 or higher is diabetes. The American Endocrinologist Assn says 6 or above is diabetes. So if you have under 7, you are still a diabetic according to the endocrinology group. My endo says it should be below 6. My last visit I was 5.9. and I am still seeing him and Medicare is paying. Have you called and verified this information with Medicare? Has your endocrinologist told you that you don't have diabetes? Is there another endocrinologist you can see to get more information and his opinion? Diabetes is a terrible disease and you need a doctor to help you through the journey. I do not take medicine, but my endocrinologist says I am a diabetic and according to his association, I am. I see him every three months. It seems that there is some confusion about this. Maybe a call to Medicare could clear it up. Please let me know because my doctor says, "Once a diabetic, always a diabetic." Check and be sure. If your surgeon doesn't know, maybe he can suggest. Is that possible?