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@brendakaye Hello. I am Carol, a retired teacher, and I have had Diabetes 2 a little over three years. I commend you for having this disease for three decades and controlling it so well. I am really new at learning what I need to keep my bs constant, but I try, and as you said and I've told myself, "Take one day at a time." I am so sorry you had to have surgery and more sorry for the pain. I have read that pain can elevate the bs, and you have reason for that to contribute to the rise in your numbers. I am glad the CBD/THC gives you some relief. My question is have you told your doctor that your bs is so high? He really needs to know. Maybe an adjustment of medication would help the numbers drop to normal range. Do you have an endocrinologist or does your PCP handle your Diabetes? I would call and talk to someone and/or make an appointment. A medical professional needs to know about the change that has occurred since surgery. Do you have someone who helps you? If so, you could make an appointment and that person could take you to the doctor. After 30+ years you know that your bs needs to come down. If you get your numbers under control, you may feel better as you heal. I would call the doctor and see what he can do to get you over this hurdle. You have done so well for so long, you can't continue to wonder; it's time for action. Please call and take action and let me know what they say. It may be just an adjustment in meds. Thinking about you and hoping this issue gets resolved. Can you get in touch with your Diabetes doctor? Can you do it ASAP?

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Thank you so much. I’m being released from Rehab tomorrow and will see my spine surgeon then. As it were, I’m w/0 a Pcp at the moment. Mine transferred in the midst of all of this. Wouldn’t you know it. So I guess I’ll talk to my surgeon and see if I can’t get referred to someone or if all else fails go to urgent care. I’ve never seen an endocrinologist but I’m thinking that may be the way to go. Thank for the suggestion. I’m wondering if they also help you with planning meals and such. I realize it’s going to be a long journey back from surgery, and being diabetic doesn’t help, but one day at a time. Thank you again