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MAC nodules

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Aug 24, 2019 | Replies (27)

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Hi! I'm glad I saw this post! I live in Hoover Al, the Birmingham area. I have not found any Doc's in Birmingham that really know how to treat this. I had a Pulmonologist that sent me to an infectious disease Doc. We did the triple drug therapy for 2.5 years and infection was still active. At this point they were throwing up their hands..I got on Google and looked up Mayo. I was planning on Mayo in Jacksonville…then on this group, someone mentioned a specialist in Atlanta, a lot closer for me than Jacksonville.
This is my new Doc:
Dr. Colin Swenson, Emory at St.Joseph's
Pulmonary and Critical care medicine.
5673 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.
Suite 502
Atlanta, GA 30342
Fax 678-843-6870
He specializes in Bronchiectasis and MAC!!!!
You should be a lot closer to Emory. They are wonderful!! You will need a referral from a Doctor and he's pretty booked up but if you are really ill tell the person scheduling you and they will work to get you in sooner. They did that for me as I needed medication and had no Doc!!
He sees many "distance " patients. I've seen him twice so far and it's been a blessing.

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Hi gaylewroc, Thank you so much for the information regarding Dr.Swenson. I called today to see how long it would take to get in to see him. New patient appt. would be mid October. I plan on seeing my current pulmonary doctor for next follow up in 2 1/2 weeks. I will see if he is willing to do a referral for me. If not I will see my primary for one and if not necessary, will just make appt without one. The office said it is not necessary but they usually do get one. Next calls are to my insurances. Thanks again.

Hi Gayle! Emory has an excellent reputation and should be able to help you. They are a learning medical institution which puts you at an advantage. They WILL do the proper testing neccessary to figure out a custom treatment plan for you. Be sure to ask for a hard copy of your sputem & suseptibility results for your own records at home. That is important to have. For one thing, it will allow you to see what antibiotics will and won't work on your particular specie of mac. Emory probably wouldn't do this to you, but some drs do not do a suseptiilty test and just willy-nilly put you on the Big 3. That is not good, because some patients have a specie of mac that could be resistant to one of the 3. Many drs automatically put people on the Big 3 because they do not know much about the disease and it is an old-fashioned standby. If you click on my picture, my treatment plan will pop up. I want you to read it to show that there are other good ways to treat mac besides the Big 3. You may want to discuss that with your dr and also mention that this treatment plan came from a Mayo dr. I would mention the Mayo dr as they are held in high esteem by other medical professionals. I am glad that you are gaining knowledge from our group. It is important to know what questions to ask your dr. Best of luck!

Dr. Swenson was my doctor before I moved to Florida! He was the first speaker at our Support Group that met quarterly at Emory. Love him!

Hi gaylewroc. I was at Emory last Friday and it was an awesome experience. Left with so much information and understanding of my conditions. I felt such relief just dealing with someone who actually knows about MAC and bronchiectasis. Thank you for reaching out to me and sharing with the Atlanta location info. One important thing is to let all my doctors know I am not to take Azithromycin for any other condition because it is the only med that can really have an effect of MAC.

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