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Anxiety Issues (with added GERD)

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I finally got a appointment for gerd anxiety

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I have had anxiety and anxiety attacks for about 3 years now. The feelings of nervousness, nausea, doom, etc. are horrible. Mayo ran me thru a battery of tests — all came back normal. I think this is the new me whether I like it or not. Aging likely has something to do with the imbalance — my nervous system is not as fine tuned as it once was and I can’t handle stress as efficiently. But I’m working on it!
I completed a course on transcendental meditation and have been faithfully practicing the technique. It has really helped me. I also take Escitalipram.
I never completely feel anxiety free, but with these aids I’m handling it better.
Hang in there, try different methods to find relief, and have faith. It’s a rough road, I know.