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What happens following a Mayo appointment

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I have chosen to make this a relaxing afternoon and to visit with some fellow Mayo patients. It is hot and dry here in central Kentucky, so I'm inside with the AC and with my legs propped up for the afternoon!

@emkeizer, How are you doing? Have you traveled to Mayo in Rochester for your appointment, yet? Or is it still on the horizon? I recently saw a friend at our farmers market here, who had received his diagnosis and treatment at Mayo, and now is able to receive it locally. I hope that you will be able to coordinate your at-home care with your local provider if that is what works best for you.

@marvinjsturing, I'm dropping in to say "Hi". I send you my thoughts and hopes as you continue on your journey. Also a dose of patience is included.

@nancy82415, I like the Mayo Patient Portal, too. I can easily access my records from 10 years back. My local health care has a portal, but if I don't access it within a limited time, the information disappears from my site. Then I will have to take extra steps to have someone pull it up for me. I have learned that it can be time consuming when that happens.

@tayloryvette, How are you feeling? I am concerned about you and your liver issues. Have you made any progress toward getting an opinion from Mayo?

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This just popped up and I thought it was such a thoughtful thing to do, to just check in. I don’t believe we have communicated but Feel moved to respond. I am not relaxing this afternoon, although I am about to sit outside in my rocking chair for a bit with my afternoon coffee here in sunny Minnesota. Today I have been “madly” cleaning house, stocking the pantry etc in preparation for my husband’s surgery on Wed, Aug 28, at Mayo Rochester for pancreatic cysts. Major surgery that we hope will go well. We have been back and forth to Mayo several times this summer for a diagnosis and treatment plan so our summer has been anything but restful. Sending good thoughts your way.