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Thank you. I will see surgeon tomorrow to clarify. Being a total novice, when I saw "staple" in the Pathology Report, I was surprised. But, of course, I do not comprehend the meaning of the description: QUOTE: "………………Received…………..gallbladder…(gives dimensions)………………….intact fluctuant gallbladder which displays a 0.2 cm in length a stapled cystic duct". THAT IS THE THE EXACT WORDING – I GUESS EITHER IMPROPER ENGLISH – OR JUST MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY WHICH I CANNOT DECIPHER. (my imagination wonders if a staple from the stapled cystic duct wound up somwhere else?
Question: if there is a staple somewhere, can you see it with an Xray?

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@tennisgolf Yes you can see on xray if there is a staple its just like anything in the body like I have wires in from heart surgery as my chest was opened . Pacemakers can be see its just a glob but lets you know something is there . Wonder why they staples the duct instead of using a stich that desolved like our surgeon in the O.R. did . Maybe that's the new thing? Talk to your surgeon

Hello @tennisgolf

I have had 3 surgeries of the upper digestive tract and whenever I have an MRI they also see a metal clip as well. It has not presented any problems for me but it is something to be aware of, especially if you have an MRI of that area. (The last surgery where a clip would have been used was in 2005.)