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Change in Taste

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Hello @lisalucier, During the days I had the bitter taste in my mouth I had done 2 things differently. One was to try Vitamin B12 since I do not eat many foods derived from animal sources and two, I started taking a well known over-the-counter NSAID for my headache recommended by my neurologist . I stopped taking both when I discovered the bitter taste. Since then it has gone away. Thanks for asking. I have decided for now not to pursue the ENT specialist. My sensitivity to sweet tastes I have now for 3 years so I just deal with it. I know it is from the AVM. My neurology team of doctors at the time were stumbled. Honestly, I am not overly excited about seeing an ENT. I had gone to a neuro ophthalmologist for my double vision as recommended by the neurology team but the ophthalmologist offered no help. I have not seen the ophthalmologist in over a year. I did learn that acetaminophen did not help me with the headache at all. I had taken it as directed on the package. Ice on my head seems to work better.

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How are you doing? I found this thread searching for info on my bitter taste disorder. (Also have some loss of smell) I was diagnosed with Post covid syndrome, but wonder. When bitter taste started, I had prior surgeries, facial and dental and had begun some new medications, including an antibiotic.

I hope you are doing well.