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Change in Taste

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Hi, @avmcbellar – I would be wondering, too, if I had a change in taste all of a sudden. Since you've had the 2 years of being extremely sensitive to sweets and then a bitter taste in your mouth, I'd like to tag some members on Connect and see if thy have any thoughts for you, like @skullzmarie @afrobin @lioness @sirgalahad @becsbuddy.

Do you attribute this to any medication you are taking or any diagnosis you have?

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can be related to loss of smell and if using regular medicine can impact the taste buds and in particular salt and oomani . I am asthmatic and the steroids and the sprays I have taken have impacted severely on my ability to taste in particular salt and a lot of food to me is quite tasteless . Also could be post nasal drip and gingivitis of issues with dental health .I would chat to an ENT or immunologist and or dental surgeon

@avmcbellar Thanks Lisa just read this post. I know how bad that taste is . I have had it on occasion and it can becoming from different source beside medicine. How,s your stomach that will cause some bad taste in mouth, disease,s also I have dry mouth so use ACT its for dry mouth. You,ll get a horrible taste in your mouth if you don't have enough saliva. Other parts of your intestines can cause it also . Hope some of this may help you,ll just have to investigate all things. Good luck

For several years now, when I eat dark chocolate, it taste sweet & delicious until after I swallow and then I get a very unpleasant, bitter taste in my mouth. For several months now, I wake up with my tongue seemingly glued to the roof of my mouth feeling very dry. This goes for my lips also. I think it may be a spreading of my SFN as my tongue will remain sore throughout the day. I'm worried but awaiting a referral to a new neurologist.