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Hello everyone…hate to bust your bubble here but HEARING AIDS DO NOT contribute to hearing loss. That is misinformation and should not be passed along on this forum. Your hearing loss + hearing aids that don't seem to work well with your brain is because they aren't program appropriately. You may also be experiencing hyperacusis which is a highly debilitating hearing disorder characterized by an increased sensitivity to certain frequencies and volume ranges of sound (a collapsed tolerance to usual environmental sound). Working with your trained and certified audiologist (doctor of audiology – AuD or better) should help you with augmenting your hearing aids to account for what you can tolerate and not tolerate in hearing in your environments. Speak to your audiologist about what levels of sounds are too loud for you and which ones are too soft. They that the software of your hearing aids on their computers and can alter the levels to allow you have increase/decrease the volumes of your programs. The hearing aids learn by your environmental exposures how to adjust their thresholds by what the audiologist set in each program. These are the safety zones that the audiologist sets for those of us who experience the hyperacusis but still want to hear well in most places. Speak with your audiologist regarding these items – they will be answer you questions.

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I agree with you in regards to the hearing aids damaging your hearing discussion. I stated something similar a few days ago because I also wondered about potential damage. I applaud anyone who asks questions and researches something that concerns them. However, we rarely get unanimous answers even from professionals and ultimately have to make up our own minds. It can be frustrating and sometimes there is no right answer.

Regards from FL Mary