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I found that my old ReSound Air aids had a maximum volume of 100dba. At 100dba you are allowed 15 minutes per day without causing permanent ear damage.

This is a cause of concern for me. I know that thy weren't blasting 100dba into my ears all the time, but in noisy environments it is quite possible they were.

I haven't been able to find specifications on Oticon OPN aids.That's what I'm wearing now. The technology is decades newer, but if they are putting out 100dba, it puts me in a dilemma. I need the aids to understand speech, but are they causing more of a dependence on the aids as the damage my hearing? Is there a limit to the damage?

Does anybody know where I can find the specs for the OPN aids? Oticon didn't answer my e-mail yet. Perhaps they will, perhaps they won't, if they do give me the information I'll post it here.


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Bob, it's a shame that the only time the consumer sees the specs on hearing aids is AFTER they are purchased. The user guide for my Resound Linx3d's do list technical specifications. Fortunately, we can google the specs to find out what they mean. You say that your hearing may have diminished due to the constant exposure to amplified sound. It's hard to know for sure. I was born with mild loss but am in the profound range now. I did not get a hearing aid until I was 20 and then 21 for my other ear. I only hope that the hearing aids did not contribute to the loss I now have.

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