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Elaine R. (@mrser52)

Bipolar and ECT Treatments

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I am new to this community. I don't want to post too much information about my experience with ECT, since I believe it is atypical and ECT can be helpful……but, after about 25 or so treatments I experienced a deep delirium. My actual experience with the ECT was traumatic, perhaps because of things in my past….like each time I went was very upsetting. After the delirium and the ECT was stopped my life changed dramatically for the worse because of the after effects both mentally, emotionally, physically and on my ability to just go back to my life — which I am still working at. Employment wise and just quality of life. I am single without much support and EVERYTHING has been a struggle. ECT changed my life in an extremely negative way. But, like I said, I can't speak for all. Perhaps I am a rare case…..otherwise they wouldn't keep doing it. It must be successful for some. I have read it has changed people's lives in the completely opposite direction as it changed mine. It has been maybe 1 1/2 since my last ECT treatment.

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@sadeyes Welcome to Mayo Connect. We welcome all here, and as you say, each person is different. It is important that we hear the experiences of others, good or bad, as it assists us in our journey, truly it does! By listening we can find others whom have had similar things happen and also we can learn about different ways to treat situations. While ECT did not work beneficially for you, I hope that you will find a treatment option that will. Have there been other things you have tried? Please come back to our cyber table and let us know how you are doing.

Hi @sadeyes Just wanted to share my experience with ECT. Am bipolar, medication resistant and after 13 treatments found no relief. The one thing I realize I must do to try and keep my head above the clouds is talk therapy. I force myself (literally) to get out and walk even if just 5 minutes. Music helps at times but no real hard and fast rule for me. I encourage you to keep trying and glad you've joined this group.