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Elaine R. (@mrser52)

Bipolar and ECT Treatments

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I had 4 ECT treatments, when I noticed that my depression was getting worse and that my short memory was gone. No the ECT treatments did not help me they made me worse. And the ECT clinic that I went to said they don't know when my short term memory will return. I'm sorry that it took me so long to respond back, I forgot that I had asked about this treatment. I had my treatments done a Pine Rest Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dose anyone have any answers for me? These treatments also makes me feel suicidal, which I am battling just about every day. I am so very depressed.

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@mrser52 Hello Elaine,

I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I know you were hoping for a better response with the ECT treatments.

Have you considered hospitalization until the suicidal feelings are under control? Do you have a supportive family nearby?

I saw my Doctor this afternoon, and he has put me on antidepressants to help me with my depresstion and he said that my short term memory loss will come back.

@mrser52 Elaine, you gave it a try. It's good you recognized the side effects you experienced were not right for your situation, and sought to change course. Please pat yourself on your back for doing that! Let us know how the new antidepressants work for you, please. I suggest writing down each day, how you feel, so you can look back on it all and see the progress. We care.

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