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Anxiety, stress and depression

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Hi, @trellg132 – wanted to let you know I've moved your post on anxiety when you lay down here where others are discussing anxiety, stress and depression. Hoping that @gingerw @jt5369 @aliali @thankful @amberpep @parus will have some input for you related to this experience with body position and anxiety.

trellg132, are you feeling that you are thinking over things more deeply when you are lying down than while sitting or standing? Anything else that has occurred to you about the connection?

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I probably do I also have palpitations

@lisalucier Thank you for tagging me in this conversation. @trellg132 the first thing that came to mind, is that as we lay down, we have fewer distractions and less sensory stimulators. So, our minds may latch onto things that cause our anxiety, and we start to overthink things, causing stress and anxiety. Could this possibly be part of what is going on when you change body positions? Have you tried mindful breathing, relaxing your body and mind to quiet the disturbing thoughts? It's worth a try! Often at night, I will try to sleep but my mind doesn't want to quiet. Sometimes writing down everything on my mind, any issues that have arisen, and telling myself that it is time to rest/sleep helps out. Sometimes using calming music helps, or making sure my environment is conducive to rest/sleep. Can you try this and let us know how it works for you?