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Anxiety, stress and depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Aug 21, 2019 | Replies (12)

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Hi Lisa

Currently my doctor had me on Xanax and propranolol other than that it’s just me trying to get thru everything day by day. My biggest hurdle is stop googling symptoms, learn to relax and I have to start being more active. I am taking some time off work in s week and going to focus on me. That will be by working out, volunteering , medication and maybe yoga. I. Have to learn to get thru this and find ways to keep me busy

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@jt5369 Have you been able to pinpoint the timeframe all this stress happened? You say you that work is to blame for the biggest part. Is your leave of absence noted in your work files as a leave due to stress? If a doctor can document that for you then it should be in your file, in case you have to pursue any repercussions from the Intolerable work state later on. It is good that you are taking some time off for yourself oh, and I hope that this will let you see the larger picture and where you how you need to proceed from here on out. Is there a superior that you can speak to regarding the management style of your boss? I'm sure they would be interested to know how it may be negatively affecting some of the staff. I certainly wish you well and hope you will come back and let us know how things are going. We care here at Mayo Connect.

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