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Anxiety, stress and depression

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@jt5369 Good morning. Your message is loud and clear. You are desperately asking for pain relief. I have no medical background, just a little experience with the kind of pain that dominates your life right now. I couldn’t sleep and would just sit on the edge of the bed and cry. When I revealed that to two of my best friends who just happen to be nurses they jumped in and were “all over it” as they say. They introduced me to medical cannabis and with some type and dosage adjustments, I have a Chris portocol that works for me.

Can you remember the last time you were pain free? Were you also anxiety free? Does it appear that chronic anxiety may also be a factor in adding insult to injury with your pain level? After a Neurobehavioral assessment, it became evident that my anxiety was causing my pain level to leap higher and higher, The increased pain created more anxiety and then the anxiety created more pain. It can be a vicious cycle.

For me, the game changer was the introduction of duloxetine or Cymbalta. The result……I am back in reasonable control of the pain, I hope you can ask your medical providers about anxiety. And I wish for you to be free of suffering today even if it is a few minutes, an hour, or perhaps an entire evening. Please stay in touch. Chris

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My friends had mentioned me getting into medical Cannabis, but not sure I wanna go that route. I am currently am on Xanax and propranolol. Over 3 months ago I was just fine. I think majority of my stress and anxiety stemming from my stress with work. I am taking a leave as of a week from tomorrow. So I am really hoping being away from there helps. I can then focus on me and work on getting back in shape, maybe volunteering , doing yoga and things that keep me busy